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America’s pretty cool. I’ve been at summer camp here in Maine for 3 weeks now and haven’t posted about it yet. I’m trying to get away from the ‘Today I did this’ kind of post which to be honest I find kind of boring. Instead I’m trying to write specifically about destinations. So luckily on our first day off camp we visited Portland, Maine, which amazingly turns out is a destination… great success!

Portland, Maine is a quirky city. Situated on the Atlantic coast the city is full of beautiful red brick buildings, a diverse and fun population, and has a tonne of great viewpoints of its coastal scenery. The city is pretty up and coming and is becoming popular with young professionals of the hipster variety. As a result the city streets are lined by great eateries, a variety of bars from different nations (especially those Irish ones) and cool quirky shops such as Mexicali Blues. The main area you will probably visit is the historic Old Port along the harbor area which contains one of a kind shops, a bustling fishing industry at the waterfront and great places to eat and drink.
The city, as is the whole of New England, is Famous for its lobster thanks to its seaside location. There is no shortage of eateries that serve the local specialty and they’re relatively cheap as they are caught just next to the restaurants. Lobsters taste great but they’re bloody hard work. I’m still unsure if what you get is actually worth the manual labor but you definitely have to have lobster at least once while in Portland.
A few minutes drive from the city Center and Old Port lies the Eastern Promenade. This viewpoint has panoramic views of the Casco Bay area that includes several Islands, the two biggest being Peaks Island and Long Island which you can catch ferries to. The bay has a lot of recreational boat use and a regatta was held when we were there which was awesome to watch from a distance. The viewpoint is popular with runners, dog walkers and is an great place to chill out on the grass fields. Walk down the hills of the viewpoint and you will reach one of the bays beaches, here you will find fishermen and great views of the bay, catching the sunset here is a must.
I didn’t visit it but Portland headlight sounds like a nice little trip. It sits at the entrance to Portland harbor and is the oldest lighthouse in Maine. Next to the headlight is the Fort Williams Park which a pretty nice place to hang out with views of the lighthouse and the bay area. A quick 15 minute drive down the road and you come across crescent beach which

You can spend hours exploring Portland, Maine. The city is actually quite small but packs a hefty punch with great shopping, food, drink, a thriving waterfront and stunning scenery. In this Hipster Haven you can drink in an Irish pub, chill out with panoramic views of the ocean and dress yourself in tie die clothing. Oh and don’t forget to eat a lobster, I’m sure it’ll be worth the manual labor 😉

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