5 of The Best European Festivals For You to Visit.

Festivals are an awesome time, whether they be food, music or a ridiculous tradition like throwing tomatoes at each other. Here are five festivals that are worth hitting up across Europe.

1. La Tomatina – Buñol, Spain. gettyimages-178255292-e1440521189353.jpgFood Fight? Hell yes! This tomato throwing festival releases the inner child in you! This festival originated from a street brawl where tomatoes were thrown at people from a market stall and is held on the last Wednesday of August. Over 40 metric tonnes of over ripe tomatoes are used! The festival is accompanied by paella contests, fire works and great food!
2. Oktoberfest -Munich, Germany. zum-schneider-nyc-2014-oktoberfest-munich-east-river-5292.jpgBeer. Food. Friends. Actually held in September and running for 16 days this festival is world famous and the planets largest Volksfest festival meaning beer and a fun fair. 7.7 million litres of beer were served in 2013. Just do it.
3. Glastonbury – Somerset, England. 10-Acts-To-See-At-Glastonbury-2013.jpgEnglands most popular music festival. Kanye, Adele, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and thousands of other great performers have performed here.  Its also the largest field festival on the globe. Tickets sell out in minutes so be sure to bag them. Just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain too much as you are in England 😉
4. Las Fallas – Valencia, Spain. valencia-89570_1280.jpgThis famous fiery festival is in commemeration of St Joseph who is the patron saint of carpenters. Held on the 15th – 19th March, the first four nights include a series of firework displays increasing in grandure each time. During the daytime there are explosions, parades, food and beer. While this is all going on, each neighborhood creates a wooden figure and on the final night the monuments are burnt in ‘The Fire Parade’. A crazy few days that finishes with an awe inspiring display of fire.
5. St Patricks Day – Dublin, Irelandst.-patrick-parade.jpgThe Irish sure know how to celebrate, and where better to be than in the capital or Ireland when the Irish are celebrating being Irish! Held on the 16th – 19th of March the St Patricks day parade includes marching bands, Irish charm, great entertainment and the great setting that is Dublin!


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