Top 10 Hacks To Save Money and Travel Cheap.

Lets face it bro, unless you’ve won the lottery, saving money and being able to travel cheap is a must if you want to extend the time of your life!

Here’s some tips on how to continue the wanderlust…

Find the cheapest flights.

Save money on flights = more money for travelling bro! If you rummage around you can find some cracking deals.

Check out my post that includes cheap flight search engines! This includes; Kayak Explore, Holiday Pirates and STA Travel.

Make your own food.

hostel social area mike treks
hostel social area

This stops you splurging money in expensive restaurants and eateries.

Most hostels also have kitchens for you to use; go to the local market, buy some ingredients for under $5 and your set for the day!

In certain countries meals are so cheap its probably not worth doing this but in Europe and other places it certainly is!


Yes you can use your legs to walk further than the nearest Uber. Walking around is great and you see so much more, its also free 😉

Free attractions.

Museums, parks, free concerts, markets, the list goes on.  In many destinations these are free so check them out and save some dollar.

Stay in Hostels.

Hostels are bloody awesome. They are cheaper than hotels, extremely sociable and extremely practical.

Great memories come as standard. Check out my post on why you should stay in a hostel. Book them at Hostelworld.

Travel cards.

If you’re going to be travelling a lot by public transport its probably worth buying a travel card.

These can come in daily, weekly or monthly forms and will be much cheaper than buying a single for every journey you make.

Night trains.

The benefit of a night train is that you have two great things rolled into one ticket; you get to where you need to go and you also have a nights accommodation included.

This saves you money on a bed and means that when you arrive to your destination in the morning you’ve slept and are raring to go explore!

Go where the locals go.

Locals wont put up with the prices us tourists get charged. Ask a few locals where to eat or where to go for great markets and shops.

If you go where the locals go you will avoid the touristy spots and save a lot of money to travel cheap!

Currency exchange.

There can be such a wide range in exchange rates across different institutions that it really is worth looking around.

I’ll tell you one place not to exchange; the airport! Here they know you have no where else to go and will give you a crappy deal.

Use your local supermarket or if your in the UK the Post Office isn’t too bad either! Don’t leave this till the last minute!

Student discounts.

Lucky you if you still have a valid student card! Mine run out last year 🙁 Clothes shops, restaurants, cinemas and many other places offer discounts to you young people so get on it!


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