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So you’re travelling around the world and you’ve stumbled across a willing mate, congrats!

But can you have sex in a hostel? – and how the hell do you express your hormonal instincts whilst staying in a room with 10 other people?

Whether you’ve met them during the day when sober, or on a night out whilst drunk, it all comes down to logistics.

Here are some options for you to consider…..

Shower Time.

The shower area is a very good option!

Even though it’ll be pretty confined you’ll have that all important privacy.

The sound of the shower will mask most noises that come from you or your partner and you’ll come out feeling squeaky clean and refreshed 😉

Outdoor hostel sex.

Risky but worth it.

Some hostels have outdoor areas such as roof terraces with sofas, choose a good time (when everyone’s gone to bed) and you’ll have the comfort of the cushions and the romantic backdrop of the stars.

It’s down to mother nature whether you get rained on, but don’t let that stop you…

Wait until your dorm is empty.

By far the riskiest option on this list. Someone could walk in at any moment!

can you have sex in a hostel?
No sex going on here guys, we swear.

If you know your room-mates well you could ask them to give you some time but its unlikely you’ll be able to ask everyone in your room.

If someone does walk in its going to be mighty awkward for the remainder of your stay 😉

Book a private room.

The safest option on the list, but the one that costs you some dollar.

The hostel may have some private rooms that are going to be pretty cheap compared to hotels.

If they don’t you could fork out some extra buck for a hotel and experience that o so important comfort, privacy and most importantly – a double bed!

The Towel wall.

This neat little trick is your last resort if you have no other option but your dorm.

This only works on the lower bunk so if you’re on a top bunk your destined to have no hostel sex.

You can hang a towel from the upper bunk as a kind of curtain to give at least some privacy!

Make sure its secured well, otherwise you’ll be exposed mid flow!  It’s unlikely you’ll win any awards for best room mate, but hey, you had hostel sex!

I hope this has answered the nagging question of can you have sex in a hostel? The answer is yes! There are many ways, each have a slight element of risk, but hey you’re traveling 😉

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15 thoughts on “Can You Have Sex in a Hostel? – The Ultimate Guide.

  1. At the hostel I stayed at in Sydney , and I really don’t remember the name it was that long ago , this couple was getting their freak on, lol! It wasn’t a mixed room , it was a female dorm. No one was there but me and they were under the covers . After they finished , they must have realized that they weren’t alone and the dude apologized to me. What could I say? Sometimes stuff happens .

  2. Some hostels have a “shag room” like a small room that’s never booked just there for shaggin, that’s another option but don’t go wondering when the bedsheet was last cleaned.

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