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So it turns out Vienna is famous for museums, churches and the opera – who knew! I certainly didn’t when I booked a 3 night vacation to the city. These 3 attractions are great and attract millions, but not really my thing you see. So I was a little apprehensive if I’d have anything to do! However, I can safely say that there is so much more to Vienna! I actually had a blast and Vienna has entered as one of my favourite European cities…and all without visiting one museum or the opera.

Here are some reasons, other than its most famous attractions, to visit Vienna.

Explorers Gem

Wander a few minutes from the touristy parts and you come across streets with grand doors that are propped open just enough for you to sneak in. These doors lead to courtyards which are surrounded by the cities apartments. Each one is slightly different. Some contain lots of plants, some contain crazy old ladies,  and others – tiny little doors.


There are many markets in Vienna and Nashmarkt is the main one of these. It’s a stones throw away from the hostel I was in so was frequented regularly! Its over 1.5km long and contains mainly food stools, bars and restaurants. Great for shopping in the day, this place is also buzzing during most evenings and has a great atmosphere. Its relatively cheap as well and great for evening meals and drinks.

Great Hostels

I stayed in the Wombats Hostel – Naschmarkt, and thought it was great. Its a very large hostel but still has a cosy feel as there’s so many places to lie down on cushions in the foyer – great if hungover or just chilling!  It’s also a great place to meet people and make some great friends! Oh, and its £12 a night – bargain bucket.


Vienna has no shortage of green open spaces. Whether its the gardens of Schonbrunn palace or a regular city park, there is always somewhere to relax and chill for  few hours. The gardens of Schonbrunn are majestic – just don’t lay down in the sun for 3 hours and get burnt like I did. A great city park is Stadpark – it has people singing, fountains, food, music, great buildings – you name it.

City feel, but just the right size.

Its the capital of Austria – it has skyscrapers, shopping malls and huge parks. Yet everything seems so easy to get to. Literally everything in the city is within walking distance from the metro – which Is fast, reliable and cheap (By cheap I mean free, I don’t think anyone pays as there are no barriers!). Its so simple to use and even during rush hour its not too packed. This is such a bonus for travellers and enables you to see everything you want so easily!

These are just some reasons why Vienna has impressed me so much. If your not into museums or opera don’t be put off by thinking that they’re all the city has to offer.

It has so much more and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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