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The next morning the non-lodge counsellors got up before everyone else in order to collect the children’s luggage from their cabins and take them up to the top of the hill so they could be put on the coach, picked up by parents or mailed home. Everyone then came up the hill to the main lodge for breakfast and by that time the tears were already flowing. The kids realising they were actually leaving and the older CTG’s realising they won’t be coming back as campers again.
The first batch of kids left on the coach. After some emotional goodbyes among the campers all the counsellors and campers who were not on the coach lined the main road outside the camp to wave the bus off. Every year the bus is meant to leave at 8am sharp and bets of 1$ are taken among the counsellors as to what time it is actually going to leave. This year the bus left at about 8.18 which no one bet on as the latest bet was 8.11. Apparently the bus usually leaves pretty promptly but this year there were some delays. We kept ourselves entertained until it left by cheering on cars and cyclists who passed us while we were waiting…..they secretly loved it.
Once the bus had left it was show time for the non lodgers as we had to direct the 10 or so parent’s cars to park and help them identify their luggage and help move it to their vehicle. There was a steady stream of cars and our lifting and packing skills that we had trained over the summer were put to use from around 9am till around 2pm. Once the final few children had left, the camp was empty and just had the admin staff and counsellors left.
We had a brief meeting saying well done for the Days work and were told about the infamous counsellor party that was to happen that night. It was to be on a boat circling a lake in the nearby town of Naples. We all showered, took a deserved nap and got changed for a 7pm departure. Once on the boat we had a buffet of very good food which was devoured, there was also a bar which was used and abused by pretty much every one of age. Everyone danced and sung on the lower level dance floor. All in all it was a great night; everyone was in good spirits and it was a nice final social gathering where everyone was together as our previous days off only had a portion of the counselors. Once the boat party was over everyone headed back to camp and continued the party at a camp site we owned by the lake. Not much else can be recalled after that. Oops.

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