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The trips department at camp regularly have trips going out that take advantage of the many lakes and mountains situated around camp.  These trips take small groups of usually 6 girls on either a hiking or canoeing trip that can range from a day trip to a 4 day trip for the older and more experienced campers. Counsellors who are not in the trips department can say that they would like to go on a trip and a week later they will most likely be on one. I did this and was selected for a canoeing day trip called Crescent Sebago which took in several rivers, lakes and a stop to make lunch.
On this trip there were to be 3 counsellors including myself as well as 6 girls. We travelled to another camp where a previous trip had finished and left canoes and kayaks in order to set off. We counsellors had a kayak each whilst there were 3 girls to a canoe. I took my underwater camera on this trip as I knew it would be scenic. The trip to the lunch spot took about 2 ½ hours and was great. We went through small rivers and across large lakes and it was a great day with no wind so it was very relaxing and a nice break from camp. Once at the spot the girls had to make a fire, prepare and cook dinner and I have to say it was bloody tasty and I had two portions. We then packed up the equipment and paddled on to our pickup destination. It took around 3 hours and on the way we found some swing ropes which we all had a go on and we also had to portage the canoes over a road to the other side of small dam. We paddled down a long narrow winding river to our pickup point and packed the canoes onto a truck and headed back to camp after a very enjoyable day trip.
When back at camp a group of counsellors and I took a trip to Walmart to stock up on supplies, and by supplies I mean pizza, alcohol and chocolate. I remember the first time we all went to Walmart at the beginning of summer; we were like kids in a candy shop. Walmart is our connection to civilisation, we can get cash out and buy pretty much anything we need as well as talk to people who are not from camp.  Every trip since has been fun; you leave with a list of things you need to get and you forget pretty much straight away because your distracted by the ridiculous things Walmart sells. My friend Marc and I became distracted by a football which we decided to throw about and rightfully got told off. As a result you need to constantly return to Walmart to buy what you forgot on your previous trip. It’s a vicious circle.

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