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At camp you learn to cherish your days off. You’re so tired from the previous week that all you really want to do is sleep, but you only get one day off a week so of course we’re going to go out and explore. The only downside of this is that you don’t catch up on sleep, so you’re even more tired after your day off, but you get used to it – and coffee helps. This week Sunday was our day off which also happened to be the day the camp was celebrating its hundredth anniversary. Everyone on our day off decided to spend a couple of hours in camp to join in the festivities. We ate outside in the pine grove on tables that had balloons and special 100th anniversary items strewn over them. The food was typical thanks giving food with lots of cake for desert; the older girls at camp served us our food which was nice. The game of ‘Odds’ has become a popular game at camp. At the dinner I played with my friend Abbi to eat a whole plate of green beans. I won and she finished the whole plate. 11731723_10152853019162003_813468507737041599_o 11728814_10152853018292003_8324177303426547251_o Once the 100th celebrations were over, the group headed out to carting in Portland. The other day off group had gone carting the previous week and said it was loads of fun. After a safety briefing and a kit change we were ready to race. There were 9 of us – 3 guys and 6 girls, once ready everyone’s competitive mode was enabled – and everyone wanted to win. The carts were decent and could get up to 40mph whilst the track was a decent size with lots of opportunities for overtaking. First race I finished first with also the fastest lap and was pretty satisfied with that. Second race everyone improved by a few tenths but I still managed to cling on to first and set the fastest lap. In the 3rd race 4 people dropped out so there were only 5 of us on the track. I didn’t care about placing this time and just went for the fastest lap. All 5 of us dropped a lot of time but this time I came second! My friend Ryan went 23.5s while I went 23.6s. I was happy but deep inside I was itching to race again so we’re going again so i can get my revenge. After carting we went for some food at this place called Sillies in Portland which is quirky and serves lots of meat so was perfect! After that we headed back to camp which is about an hour away, we stayed up and chatted then hit the hay! 11229568_10152853008937003_8426233367757579597_o

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