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Camp is situated on the banks of a large lake in the middle of Maine’s famous pine forests. The camp extends uphill from the lake with campers lodges and activities dotted along the hill with the main lodge situated at the top. The main lodge has the dining hall, the admin offices and the main hall. ‘The Rock’ is also situated outside the porch of the main lodge which is where assemblies and other meetings are held. My department being swimming and is on the waterfront on the beach in-between canoeing and boating. We have a H-dock coming out from the beach and diving dock at the end of the H dock. The water is so clear you can see down about 10ft on a good day, diving down to the bottom kind of reminds me from the lake from the Goblet of Fire – it pretty cool. Us non lodges accommodation is situated at the top of the hill so we have long ass walks to the beach everyday up ‘The Hill, I swear my legs are going to be solid by the end of the summer.
The first two weeks of camp were the orientation period. There were no campers and just counsellors. It was a period to get to know your fellow counsellors, get used to camp life and to prepare to teach in your respective departments. There are around 60 counsellors and it was impossible to remember all their names in the short period of time so there was a lot of “What’s your name again?” going on. Every day we had things to do – talks on how to help homesickness and prevent bullying, bonding activities as well as a couple of social events chucked in. As the period progressed some good friendships were made and most names, i say most, were remembered.

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