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A day out hiking on the English countryside is definitely one of those days you look forward to. What’s even better is that some of the best hikes are around London.

The green rolling hills, countless cosy pubs, sprawling National Parks, and history dating back thousands of years all combine to make England a ramblers wet dream.

You may consider the north of England, or the south coast when planning hikes in England and I’ll forgive you for that; the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales are famous for them. 

However, just outside the capital London, you have on offer a wide variety of exciting and unique hikes ready to explore.

So get those boots on you little explorer.

You’re going on an adventure. 

Ockley to Leith hill – 7 Miles. 

This hike to the highest point in south east England will show you some of the best panoramic views England has to offer.

Me and my friend Connor took on this hike and it finishes at Leath Hill Tower which is on top of the previously mentioned highest point!

Check out the video we made, the views are insane.

Lewes Via West Firle – 14.5 Miles

lewes castle walk near London

If you want to experience the famous rolling hills of Englands green and pleasant land then Lewes via West Firle is the hike for you!

The town of Lewes in East Sussex where you will start and finish this hike is worth the visit on its own. Lewes Castle is a great attraction and the towns quaint buildings and pubs can keep you occupied for hours. Just don’t get too tipsy before your hike 😉

The hike will take you through the South Downs chalk hills and into the town of Fire which is a perfect stop to enjoy your lunch or dinner.

Epping Forest Oak Trail. 7 Miles

epping forest walk in London

If you’re looking for a convenient piece of Narnia close to London then Epping Forest is perfect for you. It’s even within the M25!

This ancient 6000 acre expanse of woodland contains ponds, bogs, hills and rivers and has multiple walks. The Forest Oak Trail will take you along the length of the Forest and take in all it’s wonders.

The deer park is a highlight that you will pass along the way.

Chess Valley Walk – 10 miles

chess valley walk near London

The Chess Valley walk through the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a nature lovers ideal walk.

Along the 10 miles you’ll find it pretty hard not to spot some stunning flora as well as wildlife going about their daily business.

The walk takes you along the River Chess that runs down the middle of Chess Valley. aLong the river your lively to see some water voles, dragonflies, as well as some pretty epochal bird species including the kingfisher.

Mole Gap Trail – 6 miles

Mole gap trail

Following the River Mole through Surreys beautiful countryside you will pass grand country estates as well as multiple vineyards – you’re in English wine country after all!

Along the walk through the stunning valley you’ll come across the country estate of Norbury park in all it’s glory. Here you can tour the Manor House and explore the stunning grounds that accompany it.

If you plan far enough ahead you could even book a tour on one of these vineyards to break up your walk and sample the local wine. Just don’t loose your sense of direction!

Booking a trip to the glistening metropolis that is London doesn’t mean that you can’t explore the famous English countryside.

These 5 best hikes around London are rather conveniently placed for you if your base is the bustling city.

Be careful though, pretty much all of them have some of the cosiest pubs around. You’ll probably end up spending most of the day in them.

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