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Today’s explorers have a small problem; every things been found.
The word explorer conjures up images of men on ships centuries ago blasting through the seven seas and discovering new lands. You’re struggling to think of any modern day explorers right? Well, modern day explorers do exist, and they’re all over the world, allow me to explain…

Today’s explorers are boundary pushers, risk takers and challengers of the status quo.
I feel like there are many types of exploration but what I particularly think is very interesting and becoming common in this modern world is finding different ways of living your life that allow you to keep on exploring the world.
Many people of this generation are choosing this last option and living their lives as explorers in the modern age. They’ve laughed the 9-5 in the face and are living life on their terms earning a living while exploring the world around them. You read their blogs or watch them on YouTube and that’s how they are continually exploring the world around them. This generation are expanding the possibilities of the life work balance – earning a living while exploring the world.
These are the explorers of today.
Here’s three ways I think these modern day explorers are doing it.

  • Challenging the Status Quo.

The people of this generation are tired of being told that when you leave education at whatever stage, the only option for you is a 9-5 job where you live life for the weekends and the 30 days off your allowed per year. You then save for a pension where you can finally live out your years of traveling at the age of 65. Except you don’t, because you’re old and have a heart attack at 66. Why can’t you explore and travel while you’re young? And not just for a gap year but for many years in a sustainable manor? Just saying no to this fundamental corner stone of the world we live in has allowed many people to find ways of exploring for a living. Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends, fads and popular opinion.

  • Technology

Firstly, technology such as blogs or YouTube creates awareness that people lead these types of lives. Putting this in the public domain shows the public that it is completely possible for them to do the same. Technology platforms such as YouTube and blogs have given an audience to the travelers and explorers of this generation.
Secondly, technology has given everyone, including you, you the opportunity to lead this lifestyle. Want to set up a blog? It’s free. Want to set up a YouTube Chanel? That’s free to. What’s even better is that after a bit of hard work you start to get rewarded. This can be either through monetary rewards such as people paying to advertise with you or paying for you to produce something for them. It could also be rewards in the form of perks such as invites to events or stays at destinations. This reward system then in turn allows you to sustain this lifestyle of travel. It’s a circle game; you share your travels and exploration, you’re rewarded through money or travel perks, this allows you to have more travel experiences which you then share. Repeat. Modern technology such as laptops WiFi and digital cameras allows you to take your work on the go with you. It’s a beautiful recipe.

  • Accessible Travel.

Travel is becoming easier and cheaper and is making it possible to sustain a life of travel. Companies are vying for people’s custom meaning deals can be found all year round. Young people especially are having ridiculous deals thrown at them by companies wanting them to travel. As well as cheaper flights, more and more destinations are opening up that were not previously easy to access. As well as this, working holidays to destinations all across the world allow you to visit places for long periods of time and working as you please to sustain your traveling desires. This opens a whole new world of possibilities for the explorers of this generation.

There’s a whole new generation of explorers out there right now; they’ve ignored the status quo, utilized the technology at their fingertips and are living out a life of travel. The tools are there for you to do it to. It’s not going to be easy; there’s hours of unseen work behind what you see of these explorers. You have to put work in, be dedicated and persistent. Sure, you’ll have set backs but keep on pushing.
You either defend the status quo or invent your own future.
So Get out there, push your limits and go explore this great world we have.
You’re only here for a heart beat.

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16 thoughts on “Crush The Status Quo & Explore.

  1. Nice post – I agree. I think the ability to explore is merely a state of mind. We can explore in our own backyards. (In fact, today I went out to pick some basil leaves in my garden, and discovered two insects copulating on one of the leaves! Wish I’d had my camera!) On every walk I take, I notice details and discover something. If I’m outside I don’t exercise wearing headphones. I just take a journey through the neighborhood.
    Fortunately, I am retired now. I was able to retire a couple years early, but I am looking forward to doing a lot of traveling from now on.

  2. Loved your post. I’m one of those mature people who started living young after 60. I sold everything and travel the world house sitting. I have a suitcase , handbag and tablet. I get whatever I need for a stay then recycle what I no longer need at the end of a sit. Its a great way to explore., not just physically but spiritually also.

    1. Thankyou! Appreciate you’re comment and the fact that you’ve decided to live your life as a traveler. house sitting sounds an awesome way to travel the world and i may add it to a post as a way to travel the world if that’s cool!

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